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Espionage Development Video 02

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Since the first video I have implemented more goal behaviours (specifically Fight Opponent and Escape Complex) for the AI. Once an agent has the four items it will make its was to the exit and complete the game. It can get the items from the containers or from another agent if he beats it when fighting.

This short video demonstrated a four room complex with two AI agents.

My next objective is to implement the player object and HUD so that the game can actually be played and interacted with rather than watching the AI entites fight it out. I also intend to tweak the goal evaluation/selection behaviour of the AI entities.

Espionage Development Video 01

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A game I am creating using the Unity3D game development application. It is based on the same concept as Spy Vs Spy (on the NES) except I am expanding the scope by having more agents, randomly generated levels of variable size and two different game modes (search and escape and capture the complex).

I started this game to become a better AI game programmer. I am implementing the techniques from the book “Programming Game AI By Example” by Mat Buckland having to convert from C++ to C#.

In this demo you can see Steering Behaviours, Navigation Graph, Path Following and Goal Based Behaviours.