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Domino Admin Process Error: Delete Vaulted User

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This post relates to IBM Domino Server 8.5.2 (No Fixpack)


We performed an audit of user accounts in our Domino Directory and deleted about 300 accounts that were no longer required. This was done by moving the respective mail files to another folder called “Archive” and then deleting the account using Domino Administrator. Not long after doing this we continually received the following message on the Domino console:

“Admin Process: Received the following error performing a Delete Vaulted User request of [USERNAME]. Server Error: Entry not found in index”

The server would do this for a number of hours before crashing to the desktop. At random times we would also notice the following memory exception error:

“Max number of memory segments Notes can support has been exceeded”


For us, this problem was related to the ID Vault.  When deleting the accounts from the Domino Directory, the “Remove ID file from vault” option was checked. The problem is most of the accounts were legacy (created in version 6 of Domino) and preceded the ID Vault facility. That is to say they did not have an ID file in the vault (idvault.nsf).

It appears that the admin process will continue to try deleting the non-existent file from the vault rather than expire gracefully and I think it is actually spawning more processes to do so (hence the eventual memory error and server crash).

To fix this you need to open up admin4.nsf which is in the root of the Domino data directory. You need to go through each menu item on the left and delete any entries relating to accounts that no longer exist. I restarted the Domino server afterwards but I don’t think this was necessary.