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Alfresco 4: Restoring From a Cold Backup (Windows)


For the sake of this article, assume Alfresco 4 has been installed to C:\Alfresco (the application directory) and that the dir.root directory is C:\Alfresco\alf_data. The name of the database being used is simply “alfresco“.

This article assumes you have been following the Alfresco cold backup procedure documented in the following Alfresco Wiki page. Note that it is essential that you are keeping a dump of the Postgresql database along with a copy of the dir.root data directory from the point in time of the database dump.

There are a couple of changes to the restoration procedure on that Wiki page when it comes to Alfresco 4. This is mostly down to the fact that it uses the Postgresql database platform. You may have noticed that the database files are stored in ‘dir.root/postgresql’  directory which complicates things a little? OK, the restoration procedure is as follows:

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