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Alfresco: Change Company Home Name

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To change the “Company Home” name in Alfresco Explorer you must perform the following configuration:

  • Stop the Alfresco service.
  • Find the appropriate webclient properties file for your language. For example, to change this setting for English (US) you would open and edit the following file in a text editor: 


  • You will see this file containts a list of key/value pairs. Do a search for “Company home” and edit the value accordingly.
  • Restart Alfresco.

Enable Versioning For All Documents In Alfresco 4


Version of Alfresco used:  4.0b

The following steps show how to enable version control for all documents in Alfresco 4. In a nutshell, you are essentially adding the “Versioning” aspect as a mandatory part of the cm:content property (of which all content is derived).

Step 1:  Edit “contentModel.xml” File

  • Open the “contentModel.xml” configuration file in a text editor. This is found in “tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/model”.
  • Note that in previous versions of Alfresco this file was called “content.xml“.

Step 2:  Add in the Versionable Aspect

  • Find the “cm:content” type. This starts on line 83. In Windows, do CTRL+F and search for “cm:content”.
  • After the closing “</properties>” tag, add in the following text:


  • Restart the Alfresco service.

To verify this has worked, add a new document to the system and check its properties. Its “Version History” block at the bottom of the properties screen should already be enabled.